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CHAPTER 18-Epilogue

Sausalito, Six Months Later

It was one of those perfect Northern California summer days. The azure blue sky had a few white puffy clouds here and there, and the weather was in the mid eighties. A soft warm breeze caressed Todd Thomas Lord's face. That was his name now, he had it legally changed. He was jogging along the beach with nothing on but a pair of swimming trunks. He was tan, muscled and fit.

He had taken up running a few months ago, and was hooked. It cleared his head and cleansed his soul. His therapist had recommended it highly, being an avid runner himself. Todd had been seeing Dr. Steven Michaels for about five months. It was the best thing he'd ever done for himself.

He was maybe six years older than Todd, and came with excellent references. He was easy going and patient. He had an open, honest face and inspired trust. The first month was the hardest. Todd often said little, and sometimes he talked and raged until he was exhausted.

Each time got easier. Each time Todd felt like he was a stronger person. He had no intention of ever going back to the kind of life he had before. It seemed like another lifetime ago. He was finally able to let the demons of his past go. He could trust and he could love.

He smiled. Viki and Jessica were due tomorrow. He couldn't wait to see them. After the whole mess with Peter Manning went down. Todd had called the police himself and with the testimony of Clarice and even Starr, the DA had not pressed charges. It was a clear-cut case of self-defense.

The kidnapping charges were also dropped. Blair had flown into San Francisco, faint with relief. Todd had picked her up. They drove around had talked for hours. He explained the whole awful story, everything. He left nothing out and was completely honest with her.

Blair was flabbergasted to say the least. The man before her was a drastically changed person. And she was happy for him. He deserved some happiness in his life. Peter Manning was a monster, who deserved to rot in hell for his sins.

They had come to a fair agreement concerning their daughter. Starr would spend the summers with her father. They'd share her for holidays. And Todd would have full access to Starr. He could see her whenever he wanted. They parted as friends. Blair had even let Starr stay in Sausalito for three weeks after that. She and Todd needed one another.

With Clarice's encouragement, Todd had phoned his sister. When Viki heard is voice, she cried for a full five minutes before she could speak. Todd could barely hold back his tears and they talked, really talked for the first time in their lives. They had been inseparable ever since, they spoke on the phone several times a week and Viki often came and visited. Todd wasn't ready to go see her in Llanview and that was fine with Viki. He had nothing but bad memories there and she wasn't going to push.

Sam had also figured into Todd's life once again. He showed up on Todd's doorstep one week after the death of Peter Manning. He'd heard everything from Viki. When Todd opened the door and saw Sam, he simply stepped into his arms and laid his head on Sam's strong shoulder. They stood hugging quietly for the longest time. "Hey, Boomer," Sam said through his tears.

Todd laughed a little. "Don't call me Boomer!" He choked.

"How about if I call you son? That's what I've always felt you were to me anyway, Todd. I wished I were your father. And from this point on, I'm going to start acting like one." Todd sucked in a sharp breath and gripped him tighter.

Sam pulled back and looked at him seriously. "I'm so sorry I didn't save you from that bastard." He hung his head as helpless tears rolled down his cheeks.

"Don't Sam." Todd put a hand on his shoulder. "You had no idea. It's in the past and that's where it's gonna stay. I've wasted too much time drowning in it. I want to breathe again."

He stayed for a week and their relationship was cemented. They spoke regularly as well.

He stopped running and scooped up a handful of seawater, splashing his face with it. He looked up and grinned. Clarice and Starr were approaching him. Starr took off and came charging at Todd with a wide smile on her face. Her long golden hair was flying behind her like a banner. She was beautiful. The image of Todd.

Clarice came at a much slower, sexier pace. She was in a brief bikini with a sarong tied at her hip. He loved his wife with a passion that was frightening. They had been married for three blissful months. They married in a small chapel in Sausalito, with five hundred candles and white roses all around them. Viki, Sam, Starr, and Jessica were in attendance. It was the most romantic wedding they'd ever seen.

Every time he made love to her, he felt reborn. He felt a peace and fulfillment he'd never in his life felt before.

Until now.

Until her.

He was completely himself with her, able to show all his sides, without fear or reservation. He was light, so light and happy. He could be silly as well. And loved to tease. It was a new and wonderful side of himself that he was getting to know.

He laughed and swung Starr up into his arms. "Hey Shorty, what's shakin' huh?"

Starr squealed with delight. "Oh, daddy! You are sooo silly!" She wiggled out of his arms and began skipping to the water's edge.

Clarice sidled up to her husband and gave his butt a light pinch. "You are too darn good looking to be traipsing around without a shirt on, Mr. Lord." She eyed him up and down, loving what she saw.

Her husband was devastatingly handsome. He grew his hair out and it hung almost to the middle of his back. He was as brown as a walnut and fit, happy and contented. She loved him beyond reason.

He wiggled his eyebrows up and down. "Yeah…I know," he said in a smarty-pants tone.

A girl in a thong bikini strolled by. "Hey baby," he quipped, knowing full well that he was a dead man.

Clarice giggled and kicked his feet out from under him. They landed with a thud on the soft sand. Clarice loomed over Todd. "You're a dead man," she growled. She kissed him and nipped his earlobe softly.

Todd laughed. "God, give me death." He laced his fingers through her hair and turned serious. "I love you, honey. There will never be another woman for me Clarice. You are my heart and my soul." He reached up and brushed her lips with his own. Clarice trembled and kissed him back.

"Daddy! Clarice! Come on…let's swim!" Starr yelled excitedly.

They grinned at each other, tonight…

They both rose to their feet and holding hands, they joined Starr to play in the sea.


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