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Rafael strutted to the door at precisely seven o'clock. He stole a quick glance at his reflection in the glass window. He licked his fingertip and smoothed his glossy eyebrow in place. He was satisfied with his appearance. And why shouldn't he be? He was an extremely beautiful man. His chestnut hair was pulled back in a sleek ponytail. He flexed his shoulders slightly.

The black Armani suit he wore fit his superb body like a glove. He looked cosmopolitan and exotic. He rang the doorbell and waited expectantly.

Clarice pulled open the door and her breath caught in her throat. Thomas had never looked more handsome. He was the most handsome man she'd ever seen. "Hi," she said shyly.

"Good evening Clarice," he said in a low cultured voice. He pulled his arm from behind his back and presented her with a beautiful bouquet of orchids. "Flowers, for a most beautiful woman. You like?"

"Oh Thomas, they're exquisite! Please, come in." She stepped back and let him into her small apartment.

Rafael entered and took Clarice's hand. He turned it over wrist side up, and brought it to his lips, kissing her pulse softly. May I say how lovely you are tonight, Clarice?" His voice took on an almost musical quality.

Again, Clarice was puzzled. He was a completely different man tonight than he was last night! But just as attractive and mesmerizing. Her pulse fluttered at the feel of his cool, soft lips upon her flesh. "Thank you," she said. Pleased that he had noticed.

She had splurged, and spent a small fortune on her outfit. The midnight blue sheath she wore made her skin luminous and pearly. It had thin straps at the shoulder and ended softly at her ankles. Her hair, she had upswept, with satiny wisps framing her face. She felt beautiful. He made her feel beautiful.

"I'll just take these and put them in some water." She took the delicate flowers and put them in a glass vase.

"Take your time cara, shall I put some music on?"

"Yes, please. Choose whatever you want." She disappeared into the kitchen.

Rafael flicked though her CD's, humming a little aria. "Ah… perfecto!" Sade's rich, smoky voice filled the room. He reached into his pocket and sprayed breath freshener in his mouth. He had lovely breath always, but one could never be too careful.

Clarice returned with the flowers. "There. I'll just place these on the table so we can look at them while we dine." She set them carefully on the table. "Lovely," she sighed.

Rafael came up from behind. He placed his hands lightly on her shoulders. "Yes, you are," he whispered in her ear. She bent her head a little, shy and unsure of herself. "You like to dance with me? Yes?"

She smiled. "Yes," she sighed.

He turned her around gently and took her hand. He pulled her into his arms and expertly danced with her. The music was slow and sexy. He had his hand at the small of her back, while the other one clasped her hand firmly. Clarice had never felt as safe as she did right at that moment. She breathed deeply and inhaled his scent. Spicy and exotic, woodsy and male.

She looked up at him. "You dance beautifully."

He smiled slightly. "Maybe, a little bit," he conceded.

He pulled her closer to him. Their bodies were touching all the way down to their feet.

Pete stared down at her beautiful face. He let go of her and stopped dancing. He wasn't as good at dancing as Rafael was. He was drawn to her. For the first time in his life, he felt tenderness toward another human being. He would die for her.

Clarice looked up at him with a frown. "Thomas? What's wrong?"

Pete smiled slightly. "Nothing. I… I'm just having a nice time. That's all." He briefly closed his eyes. He was unsure of himself; he didn't know how to express his feelings with a woman. He wasn't smooth like Rafael. Even Todd was a damn sight better than he was. He slowly took her face in his hands. He brushed his thumbs over her lips softly, marveling at their satiny texture. He touched her eyebrows and cheeks lightly. His face was absorbed and intense.

Clarice stood perfectly still, afraid if she moved a muscle; the spell would be broken. Her chest rose and fell rapidly. She let her breath out in a slow, soft sigh. "Kiss me…"

It was too much, with a trembling intake of breath Pete lowered his head an inch at a time, until his lips were upon hers. He brushed them once, then again. Slowly rubbing his open mouth back and forth across hers, it was as light as a butterfly's wing.

Pete released her gently. "Thank you for the dance," he whispered.

Clarice opened her eyes slowly. She could barely speak; she was trembling so much. "I…ah…I should go check on dinner, if you'll excuse me." She walked into the kitchen on legs that could barely support her.

The evening was beautiful. They dined, enjoying each other's company. Thomas was quiet, not really saying much, but it didn't matter. Clarice would remember this evening for the rest of her life.

She walked him to her front door. "Thomas, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this evening," she said, smiling.

Todd looked at her seriously. He came back sometime during dinner. But it was different this time. He remembered the dance and he remembered the kiss. He ran his knuckle down her cheek softly. "Goodnight Clarice."

"Goodnight Thomas."

Todd drove around for a while after he left Clarice. He needed to clear his head. He couldn't get involved with her. He knew that. Every relationship he'd ever had with a woman, he managed to fuck up royally. And in the process, his heart would again be broken into a million pieces.

He couldn't do it anymore. He would not be able to survive it. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt Clarice, she didn't deserve it. And deep down he knew that's exactly what he would do.

That's right Todd. You would. You are incapable of love. Of loving anyone. You only know how to destroy people. You're a miserable fuck-up. You always will be.

"Please, just get out of my head," he whispered fiercely.

He slowly let himself into his house. He was depressed and tired. Bone weary, he wished he could sleep for a full night. He smiled bitterly. What a joke that was. He turned on the light switch. Nothing happened. The house remained dark.

He heard a sharp click. A flame from the other end of the room illuminated Peter Manning's face eerily. He lit a thin cigar, and flicked a small lamp that rested on top of an end table. He took a long drag and blew a steady stream of blue smoke at the ceiling. He had his body arranged comfortably on a leather easy chair. Legs elegantly crossed, with a snifter of Brandy by his elbow.

"Hope you don't mind if I made myself comfortable," he drawled with a nasty smile. "Of course I could give a rat's ass if you do or not," he joked. He tapped the ash of his cigar on the hardwood floor. His eyes challenged Todd to do something about it.

Todd blinked several times, trying to calm his racing heart. Tom cleared his throat nervously. "What do you want Dad? I… I'm really tired and I… I… just want to go to bed."

He walked quickly towards his bedroom, but Peter Manning sprung up like a panther and blocked his way. "You're not goin' anywhere, boy." He backhanded him viciously across the face. "You got another test to pass," he whispered.

To be continued…

Peace and Love,


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