Fan Fiction

This page will contain the links to the authors of Fan Fiction on my site, the names of the authors' stories will be listed on their main pages, and links to the stories as well.  Any stories that I can get my hands on about Todd, Todd and Téa , or Todd and Blair will be posted here.  Any authors interested in having their stories posted on my site, please use the email link below to contact me.  ~Alice

Recovery has been removed from this site at the request of the author, circumstances arose that gave her no choice but to stop writing it as well. I wish her well, and hope that you would do the same.

Fan Fiction by Kelly

 January 9, 2000.

 November 16,1999. ðÄ¥p

Fan Fiction By Sea

 January 8, 2000.

Fan Fiction by VTW

 March 31, 2000.

If you have a Fan Fiction story you would like me to put on my site, Email Me, and I will be happy to add it.

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