TNT Challenge Answers

Score 1 point for each correct answer.  You can get a possible 13 total points.

Question #1

Answer: Shut-up!

Question #2

Answer: Téa and Todd were at the Sun in Todd's office in front of his desk, standing there. They were looking at bridal mags when Blair ran in (on those stilt legs), stopped at the door 'cause she saw TNT so engrossed and standing so close and just loving her each other. Blair paused and announced: "Georgie's dead."

Question #3

Answer: Red (BTW, she had her hair "up" too. Really trying to get "next" to Todd.)

Question #4

Answer: Bitch-- he formed the word, but stopped before he completed the sentence. Téa then challenged him with: "Go ahead, finish the thought! Whore? Rat? Traitor?"

Question #5

Answer: To count, your answer had to at least include the following: description of the penthouse before Téa's redecoration: sleek, ultra modern (IMHO), like a swinging bachelor's pad from the 70's. Color scheme of black; predominant metal of chrome; type of decor was upscale, yuppie contemporary. Todd said that before Téa re-decorated, he had designed the living-room specifically for pacing.

Question #6

Answer: Todd was trying to coach Moose to eat chicken or fowl, but Moose wasn't cooperating. Todd to Moose (after Moose refuses a chicken nugget): You'll never get anywhere in this town if you don't learn to eat your own kind!"

Question #7

Answer: Blue and claustrophobic.

Question #8

Answer: Téa clapped her hands loudly (one time) near Todd's ear to startle him "to awaken." This was right before she began to shake and hit him and called him a "miserable faker."

Question #9

Answer: Todd said <deadpan>: "You should have a burger.

Question #10

Answer: Todd called Téa a "faker" when she was stalling for Sam's arrival and claimed a gallbladder attack. Téa called Todd a "miserable faker" at the hospital when she thought he was not really catatonic.

Question #11

Answer: Todd tore the "sleeping photo" of Téa after he thought she was cheating on him during the reconciliation period. Todd burned the "desk photo" of Téa after he "threw her out" of PH2 when she refused his demand that she not represent Bo Buchanan.

Question #12

Answer: This challenge is so hard that even Mstress could not get a perfect score of 13! Relying solely on memory here:--

(1) Civil Wedding Scene- white-yellowish tulips(?)- Téa accused Todd of going soft and being romantic (before she did) regarding their contract/paper marriage, waving the flowers at him.

(2) Téa's Hotel Room/Palace - Andrew gave her flowers after she had returned from a trip to think about her conflicted feelings for Todd and Andrew - mixed bunch of multi-colored spring flowers (?) - Todd arrived shortly after Andrew left, saw the flowers and was jealous.

(3) T,130a's Hotel Room/Palace - Shortly after Andrew left, Todd arrived with Starr. He was carrying a bouquet of red carnations or roses (?). As he walked in, he said: "I got you some flowers 'cause you're a girl and girls like be that way, said that the flowers were beautiful.(?)  It was part of Todd's court-ting!

(4) Georgie's first, shallow grave and her permanent gravesite - purple/bluish lilacs- Todd covered Georgie's body with lilacs and arranged for her gravesite to have perpetual lilacs. The scene and the replays of the person (who we later found out was Todd) placing the lilacs over Georgie's body was pivotal to the murder-mystery, including Téa's doubts about Todd's innocence (given her conversation with Viki). Todd's paying for Georgie's burial and the flowers was the flimsy evidence that Kevin used to "burn" Todd in the Banner -- i.e., proof that Todd killed Kevin.

Question #13

Answer: Lip balm. In the scenes before Todd dived into the Llantano River, he followed Téa to Ramon's store/bodega in Angel Square. Téa and Ramon were talking when Ramon notices an "ugly customer" who he thinks is going to rob the place. Ramon threatens Todd with a bat as Todd turns. Todd is applying lip balm to those glorious lips and says: "I don't want my lips to get chapped." <TNTers assumed that he was planning some heavy-duty kissing.> Later, after she follows him and he follow her all over Angel Square, they end up at the docks. Téa and Todd argue and Todd sees her necklace with the "A." Todd assumes that the necklace is from Andrew but, actually, it was Téa's mother (whose name was Ana). During their discussion, the necklace accidentally felt into the Llantano River. Todd decided to jump in to retrieve it. Before doing so, he emptied his pockets -- removing his wallet, other items and the lip balm.

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