The TnT Challenge

Hi, and thank you for coming to take the TnT Challenge.  These questions were prepared by Mstress, Oueen of Cyberspace.  Mstress has her own wonderful site, Mstress's Presentation: TNT. I am sure you will love it!  There is also a link to her site on my "Links" page.  The wuestions are here, and I will post a link at the bottom of the page to the answers.  Thank you again for visiting my site, and make sure you put Mstress' site on your "Things To Do" list.  Good Luck.

Question #1

What was the phrase or words that Todd used most often at the Buchanan lodge?  This question was universally answered correctly.

Question #2

What were Téa and Todd doing when they found out about Georgie's death? Be specific! Don't just say "talking" or "making love" (we wish!).

Question #3

What was the color of Téa's robe when she tried to seduce Todd?

Question #4

Todd has recently called Téa a "liar" and a "traitor." What pejorative name did he almost call her in the gardening shed? And what was her exact reply?

Question #5

Before the Irish "shoot-out" at PH2, describe the penthouse. For your answer "to count," it must include the color scheme, the type of predominant metal, and the type of decor prior to Téa's redecorating. And, what was Todd's response to Téa's redecorating at PH2?

Question #6

We all know that Moose's favorite food request was for clam sauce. But what did Todd insist that Moose eat and why?

Question #7

What color was Todd's MRI "head device" and what did Todd claim that he was?

Question #8

Téa tried many ways to "wake" Todd from his catatonic state, including yelling, pleading, screaming, shaking, hitting, imploring, and agreeing to medication and shock treatment. What other single and very specific action did she take to "wake" Todd?

Question #9

Todd told Téa at Carlotta's diner that he would have "that Puerto Rican glob." What did he tell Téa that she should have?

Question #10

Both Todd and Téa have used the term "faker." Give both scenes and why?

Question #11

What article or thing concerning Téa did Todd both tear and burn? Give the explanation for Todd's behavior for both.

Question #12

Flowers are a big part of TNT. Give the four scenes involving flowers, the color of the flowers and the type of the flowers and how they were significant to the storyline.

Question #13

Before Todd dived into the Llantano River to retrieve Téa's necklace, he emptied his pockets. What prominent and important item did Todd remove? Why is it prominent and important?


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