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Chapter Two

Eve Knight struggled to close her car door; she had her keys in her mouth and two sacks of groceries in her arms. Her purse dangled precariously, as she tried to keep the junk mail from falling off her fingertips and on to the wet pavement. She bumped the door shut with her hip and walked to the front door.

She felt a chill race through her spine from out of nowhere. She spun around.


She looked up and down the street, but there was nothing out of the ordinary.

She set her packages down at her feet. She took a quick glance over her shoulder and shoved her key into the lock. "Dammit," she muttered, yanking the key out. She couldn't shake the eerie feeling that she was being watched. She slid the key in correctly and opened the door. She scooped up her bags, and shut it smartly behind her.

Eve set her things down on the kitchen table and walked back into the living room. She glanced out her blinds and nervously clasped her cold hands together. Eve had a sick feeling; she knew what this was about.

Whoever the person was, he saw her last night. How could she have been so stupid? Did she really think that it would go away?

She volunteered at a women's clinic once a week, and unfortunately it was in the worst part of town. She was walking to her car when she saw a tall, cloaked man walk away from what looked like a person slumped on the ground.

She started to walk over and stepped on a piece of broken glass. The man swung around. He started to stride toward her; his movements were fluid and purposeful.

She tucked her head down and practically ran to her car. She unlocked her door with trembling fingers and shot off into the night.

She tried to put the whole scary incident behind her. Was she being paranoid? She glanced out the blinds. She couldn't see anything but the mailman on his normal route.

She stepped back and sighed. Maybe it was all in her head.


Outside, Thomas leaned against his car. He was parked a block down the street. His mind ticked over the sparse information he was given.

Eve Knight: Age 28/Single

Hair: Dark Brown/ Eyes: Blue

Height: 5' 4"

Occupation: Librarian/ University of Santa Cruz

He knew she worked three days a week at the University. She was living on a small annuity that her late parents had set up for her. She was comfortable but not wealthy.

He chewed on his lip and turned the information over in his head. He needed to know how much she'd witnessed.

Miss Knight didn't know it yet, but he was about to enter her life in a big way.


Eve sat at her computer terminal and entered in endless, boring data. She was getting a crick in her neck and her back was beginning to cramp.

"Excuse me…Miss Knight? May I have a moment of your time?"

Eve looked up. There in front of her stood an older Japanese man. He was diminutive and neatly dressed in a tidy suit with a small bow tie.

She smiled a little. "Do I know you?"

"No Miss," he said politely. "My name is Kato Hanabishi and I have not yet had the pleasure of your acquaintance." His black eyes shone brightly in his face.

Eve was perplexed. "Uh… How can I help you Mr. Hanabishi?"

"Actually, it's not me you'd be helping," he replied with a tiny smile. "Have you ever heard of the author, T.T.L.?"

She raised her eyebrows. "You're kidding, right? Who hasn't?" She added with a laugh. "All three of his novels are bestsellers."

"Just so," he conceded with a little bow. "I work for him and he would very much like to meet with you."

"Me?" Eve questioned. "Why would he want to meet with me? He doesn't even know me."

"He is working on his next novel and he needs some background information. You are a history major are you not? Specializing in ancient history?"

"Yes, I am. But how…"

"Mr. Lord would like to offer you a position. You could do the research he requires for his work. He will pay you quite handsomely."

Kato pulled out a card from his breast pocket. "Here is his card. It's important that you know there is nothing unsavory about this. You're welcome to phone him right now if you wish."

Eve took the buff colored card and studied it. She glanced up at the older man. He was telling the truth.

"That won't be necessary, Mr. Hanabishi," she said with a smile. "When is this meeting supposed to take place?"

Kato smiled. "We can leave right now, Miss."

"But I'm right in the middle of work and I don't think I can just leave."

"I was told to give you this." He slid a sheet of paper across the laminate counter.

She picked it up and read. "I don't believe this," she breathed.

Her boss who was normally a jerk, had basically told her to take all the time off she needed. They would find a replacement for her if she decided to terminate her employment.

"Well… It looks like I have the day off," she said with a small laugh.

Kato beamed at her. "I have a car waiting outside, I will drop you off at your home and then you can pack an overnight bag."

"An overnight bag? I…I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that."

Kato took her gently by the arm. "Mr. Lord resides in a very remote part of Santa Cruz. He lives high up in the mountains and I'm afraid that my sight isn't the best at night. And as it's already after four…"

Eve immediately felt bad. She didn't want the older man driving her late at night through the dark Santa Cruz Mountains.

Besides, she felt a surge of excitement at the prospect of meeting the mysterious T.T.L. She might not ever get the chance again.

Eve smiled softly. "Shall we go?"


They drove for an hour into the dark mountains. The storm that had loomed over town all day had finally broke. It was beginning to sprinkle. Eve held on to her purse nervously. She was beginning to feel trepidation for the fist time since this bazaar set of circumstances began.

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. She was in a car with a complete stranger, going to the remote home of an author she knew nothing about.

She knocked on the partition that separated the two of them. "Excuse me? How much longer will it be?"

The glass slid smoothly down. "Not much longer, Miss Knight."

She sat back and smiled faintly. Well, the mode of transportation was luxurious, at least. The black Mercedes was long and powerful and cut through the mountains like a blade.

She took a deep breath and tried to relax. The rain was pelting against the window violently. She peered out and saw nothing but blackness and the outline of trees and brush.

Kato navigated the Mercedes through winding country road expertly. After what seemed like forever, they finally slowed to a stop in front of an iron security gate. It was tall and ornately fashioned. Angels and cherubs adorned the top of it. Eve squinted slightly; the craftsmanship was extraordinary.

Kato pushed a remote and the gate silently swung open. They proceeded through the grounds and up to the huge house. Towering trees surrounded the property giving it a reclusive feel.

The residence itself was lovely. It resembled an old plantation house. It had eight slender white columns and a wraparound porch. The top floor had a veranda that ran the entire length of the house. It was painted white with dove gray trim.

Kato exited the car and opened up an umbrella. He held the door for Eve as she climbed out. He lightly grasped her elbow and guided her up the front steps to the huge Mahogany door.

He opened the door and let Eve in the foyer. "If you go straight through that corridor on the right you'll find the study. Monsieur Lord will see you shortly."

Eve swallowed her down her nervousness and slowly walked down the long corridor. The floors were smooth teakwood and dark emerald plants abounded everywhere. The décor was almost Tahitian. Large wooden masks adorned the walls. Some were fierce; others were downright scary. She wanted to explore every inch of this unusual home, but she soon came to the end of the hallway. She paused at the double doors and tried to calm her pounding heart. Eve entered the enormous study and waited for the elusive T.T.L. to make himself known.

To be continued…

Chapter Three

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