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Chapter Three

Kato entered the study and placed a tray of coffee on a low table in front of Eve. "Please…make yourself comfortable. Would you care for a …"

A slight noise made the both of them look up.

Kato smiled and turned to Eve. "Permettez- moi de vous presenter, Monsieur Thomas Lord."

Thomas entered the room and took Eve's hand. He turned it over wrist side up and pressed his lips to her pulse. It was fleeting and light.

"Enchante," he murmured. "Commet allez-vous?"

Eve smiled a little nervously. "Merci, tres bien, et vous?" She spoke French fluently. How did Kato know that?

Thomas released her hand and smiled slyly. "I'm fine, thanks," he said laconically. His voice was deep and resonant and he had no trace of an accent.

"Do you require anything else, Mr. Lord?"

"Non, Kato. Pas pour l'instant. If I need anything I'll let you know."

Kato left the study and closed the doors quietly behind him.

Thomas narrowed his eyes slightly. "Have a seat, Miss Knight."

He arranged himself comfortably behind his desk and stared at her.

"All right," Eve said faintly. She sank down on a rattan easy chair and folded her hands on her lap.

An uncomfortable silence stretched on between them. Eve licked her dry lips and tried to think of something to say, but words failed her. She instead looked at him and took in the features of his face. He was not at all what she had expected.

For one thing, he was a lot younger than she'd imagined. He had to be only in his early thirties. His hair was chestnut colored and hung to the bottom of his spine. It was bone straight, shiny and brushed back severely from his forehead.

His eyes were unnerving. Green-gold in color; they were penetrating and direct. They reminded her of a bird of prey. The irises were sharp, black pinpoints. His nose was roman and aristocratic; the nostrils were slightly flared, and a touch arrogant.

In contrast, his firm mouth was full and sensual. His bottom lip was slightly fuller then his top.

He lifted an elegant brow. "You're staring, Miss Knight," he remarked with an edge. "Mind if I ask why?"

Eve was taken aback. "I…uh…I wasn't aware of doing so, Mr. Lord." He seemed tense; a coiled spring ready to explode. His eyes narrowed and he tracked her every movement. She felt a tremor run through her like a current.

She felt as though she had crossed paths with him, of that she was sure. But that was impossible, they had never met until this very moment. She was regretting her decision to come here by the second.

Eve rose abruptly to her feet. "It was nice to make your acquaintance, Mr. Lord, but I'd like to leave…"

Thomas rose to his feet as well. "Je ne vous conseille pas de," he said tightly.

"What do you mean you wouldn't advise it?" Eve asked, more than a little panicked. She gripped her purse and started backing up towards the door. He was big and muscular, and she felt real fear curl around her heart. She was a fool to ever come here.

Thomas inwardly cursed himself for scaring her. He had to tread very carefully. He slowly walked to her and let the power in him come out. His eyes became lit. He held her stare until he was inches from her.

She stared at him fixedly. Her eyes were wide and dilated. Her pulse beat like a small drum at the base of her throat. Thomas closed his eyes against the temptation that was always there. He knew the flesh of her neck would be as soft as goosedown. The desire to sink his teeth into her was staggering. He reined it in, and slowly the fire in his eyes faded until they smoldered.

Eve blinked rapidly and stumbled back a little.

Thomas smiled. "The reason why I wouldn't advise it, is because the storm is getting worse. The roads can be treacherous this time of year. I'd never forgive myself if something happened to you. I ask you to reconsider s'il vous plait."

Eve felt herself falling under his charm. It was as if she had no will of her own. The deep burr of his voice feathered over her like a caress. She nervously looped a strand of hair behind her ear. "Okay…I will stay the night."

"Bon, je veux que vous," he said softly. "I really do want you to, Miss Knight." He lifted her hand and touched his lips against the palm. "Why don't you freshen up and then we'll dine. I'm sure you're curious as to why I asked you here. Kato will show you where the powder room is."

Eve inclined her head and walked out of the library on unsteady legs. Why did she feel like she just made a pact with the devil?


The man followed the young woman for about three blocks. He could smell her fear. He could smell her blood…she was an innocent. He felt a dark thrill run though him.

The girl stole a quick glance over her shoulder and stumbled. Gasping in pain, she got up and limped along. She gave a startled cry. There in front of her, out of nowhere, stood a silent figure.

"No," she whispered. She spun around and screamed in terror. He was right in front of her, when a second ago he was behind her.

"Shh…it won't hurt," he replied. "Not unless I want it to." He passed his hand over her face. She was rendered mute. Her screams were trapped inside her, forever silenced.

His eyes glowed red and evil. He braced her head in between his powerful hands, and lifted the petite young woman to his mouth. Her feet kicked in the air as she struggled to free herself from the thing that had her.

He threw his head back and laughed at her futile attempts. "Go ahead, fight me, cherie. I love it." He brutally sank his teeth into the soft flesh of her throat, almost ripping it out in his bloodlust. He held her to him as he drained her dry.

When he was finished, he threw her to the ground like a piece of garbage. He turned and walked away without a second glance. Thomas thought he was so superior, he should have known for every dark soul he took, I'd double with an innocent.

"We'll see who wins this little war, mon ami. We'll just see."

To be continued…

Chapter Four

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