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Chapter Four

Eve entered the dining room and nervously smoothed down her skirt. Kato smiled gently at her. "You have nothing to fear, Miss Knight. Relax and enjoy yourself. Monsieur Lord will join you shortly." He turned and quietly left.

Eve nodded. Easy for him to say, he wasn't the one with butterflies in his stomach. She took advantage of the privacy and looked around with interest at the unusual room.

It was an exotic blend of potted trees, plants, religious artifacts, and woodcarvings. The floor was hardwood and had an exquisite tapestry

in red, saffron, and emerald thrown on it. It looked to be very old, and very expensive.

She glanced at the walls squinting slightly. Crucifixes in beaten steel, wood, and iron adorned various spots on the rough white walls. She reached out and traced the intricate Christ with her fingertip.

She walked around the room peering at the unusual knick-knacks. Bamboo masks stared down at her eerily. She jumped a little as a velvety leaf from a tree brushed her cheek.

"I hope I haven't kept you waiting too long."

Eve spun around guiltily. "No, not at all!" She said, embarrassed at being caught snooping. Her eyes widened a little. He was dressed formally.

His hair was bound in a sleek ponytail with a black velvet ribbon. He wore black linen slacks with a white silk shirt. The high collar had one onyx button at the throat. He was the epitome of style and elegance.

She looked down at her simple skirt and blouse. "I feel underdressed," she whispered self-consciously.

He smiled slightly. "Not at all, you look beautiful." He paused. "You're staring at me again, Miss Knight." He spread his hands. "Am I growing a second head or something?"

Eve swallowed hard. He was so…disconcerting. He certainly said what was on his mind, no matter how uncomfortable it sounded.

"I apologize, I normally don't stare, it's just…" She laughed a little. "I feel as though I've met you before…" She trailed off miserably. He was looking at her intently.

His eyes narrowed and took on an almost animalistic gleam.

"That would be impossible wouldn't it, cherie?" He said it softly, but his eyes were hard. "Why would you say such a thing?"

Eve put a hand to the base of her throat. "I …no reason," she replied faintly. "I guess I thought…" She shook her head. "Never mind it's not important."

The awkward silence dragged on for what seemed like an eternity. Thomas walked over to the table and pulled out a chair. "Have a seat."

It sounded more like a command than a request.

Eve walked over to him and sank down in the chair. His exotic cologne washed over her for a dizzying moment. Her heart was pounding in her chest rapidly. Why had she agreed to come here? She had never in her life, felt as uncomfortable as she did right now.

Thomas walked to the sideboard and selected a bottle of wine. "I hope you like Merlot?"

Eve nodded. "Yes. That would be lovely, thank you."

He uncorked the bottle and set it at the table. He sat down and looked at her for a beat. "I am currently working on my next novel. I would like someone to do the research, and I understand you're a history major. How would you like to come work for me?"

He calmly poured them each a glass of the ruby red wine. He finished and set the bottle back down. "Well? Est-ce que vous me suivez?"

Eve laughed a little. "How do I know if I am with you on this when I don't really know what the specifics of the job are? I mean…maybe I'm not qualified or…or…our personalities might not mesh."

Thomas grinned whitely. "Is that a polite way of saying you don't care for my company?"

"No!" She exclaimed. "I mean…I just really don't know what you expect of me."

"I expect you to do research for me, nothing more. I will triple what you earn at the University. The hours are flexible; some days you might work an hour or two, and others it could be all day. It depends on what I need from you."

Eve shook her head bemusedly. This was like a dream job, and triple the salary! "It sounds too good to be true," she murmured.

Thomas smiled dryly. "There is one condition, though…if you accept this position, then you are to stay here as a guest in my home. No exceptions. I work at all hours of the day and night, and I want you here when I need you. Do we have an agreement?"

Eve bit her lip. Living here in his house? Her stomach dropped to her feet at the prospect. "Are you married Mr. Lord? I mean…I…didn't know, you never mentioned it," she added hastily. Her face was on fire. For goodness sakes, what made her blurt that out? Sometimes she was an idiot!

Thomas raised an arrogant eyebrow. "No, Miss Knight…I am not married. Does that make a difference?" He stared into her eyes intensely.

Eve felt a slight wave of dizziness overtake her. "No… it doesn't," she whispered. Before she knew she had even uttered the words, they were out of her mouth. "We have an agreement, Monsieur."

Thomas lifted his glass. "Excellent. Let's toast on it."

Eve lifted her glass, and they delicately touched them together. She took a small sip and set her glass down.

Kato appeared almost on cue. "Are you and the lady ready to eat, Mr. Lord?"

Thomas inclined his head. "Oui, thank you, Kato." He turned his attention back to Eve. "I hope you like grilled shark, Miss Knight." He smiled like a wolverine. "It's one of my favorites."


Eve ran a brush through her long dark hair and ruminated about the events of the past few hours. Kato had graciously showed her to her room. And what a room it was. Huge and airy, it boasted a large granite fireplace and floor to ceiling windows. Plants and trees abounded everywhere. It was lush and exotic.

The furniture was handsomely appointed in antique cherry wood. The bathroom was large and inviting with a claw foot tub and glassed in shower. She could not have asked for a more beautiful suite.

She pulled her nightgown on over her head and padded to the large four-poster bed. She slid in between the sheets and sighed wearily. Her mind kept going back to an odd comment Kato had made.

As they were walking down the corridor to her bedroom, she couldn't help but notice two huge double doors at the very end of the long hallway. The doors were made of heavy wood and brushed steel; it looked impenetrable.

"What's behind there, Kato?"

"That's Monsieur Lord's room, Miss Knight," he replied distantly. "You must never go in there, do you understand? Not unless…" Kato stopped himself short. He smiled politely. "He is a very private person."

Eve nodded and said nothing. How strange this house was, and the occupants in it. What was Kato going to say before he caught himself?

She reached over and turned off the small lamp at her bedside. The room was engulfed in darkness. She could see a small sliver of light coming from underneath the door.

A few minuets had passed and she began to doze. She heard footsteps out in the hallway. She sat up and peered at the small crack under the door. She saw a shadow stopped right in front of it.

Her breath froze in her chest. Eve sat tense and waiting. After a moment the shadow left and she heard the footsteps receding away. She scrambled out of bed and ran lightly to the door.

She turned the knob and opened it a tiny bit. She poked her head out and saw Thomas open his bedroom doors and walk in, closing them quietly behind him.

She was shaking as if she had palsy. Taking a deep breath Eve stepped out into the hall and slowly crept towards Thomas's room. A trickled of cold sweat ran in between her breasts. What was she doing?

It was as if an invisible string was pulling her, and she had no power to stop herself. She stood in front of the double doors and breathing heavily, she placed her hand on the ornate, metal handle.

She turned it and the door swung open silently; Eve Knight was in for a hell of a surprise.

To be continued…

Coming Soon: Chapter Five

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